Nigerian-American recording artist and producer Onassis got his start early, performing Michael Jackson hits for his family, writing songs with his brother, and recording home demos at 11.

Influenced by artists like Fela Kuti, Michael Jackson, Juvenile, Chamillionaire, his creative, honest music reflects his immigrant upbringing. Growing up in inner-city Phoenix, Arizona as the son of Nigerian immigrants, his peers were trying to find their way out through sports, academics, or the streets. But despite social and family pressure, he knew that music was his way up—since the days of doing MJ as a kid, it was his destiny.

His 4-part mixtape series Lethal Weapon reached over a million streams across all platforms and highlighted his range as a performer and artist. He wrote and performed an original song on HBO Max for The Legend of the Underground documentary executive-produced by John Legend . Onassis' work has been recognized in The Source Magazine, Flaunt Magazine, All Hip Hop and more. In addition he is becoming a sought after producer, writer and engineer among many major labels, artists and songwriters.