· By Tyler Johnson

Young Onassis and Womatictracks: Featured on FLAUNT

In an exciting collaboration, California-based rapper Young Onassis and producer Womatictracks have teamed up to create the anthem "BMW", an acronym for "Black Man Winning". This anthem was inspired by the countless brothers that have been killed by the hands of police, and all the injustices men of color face by the system. The death of George Floyd particularly moved Onassis to complete the vision for the song, leading him to link up with Womatictracks to bring the production to life. Earlier this year, Onassis released his popular EP Lethal Weapon Vol. 1, which garnered thousands of streams on Spotify. On the other hand, Womatictracks is known for his work with big names in the industry such as 2Chainz, Nicki Minaj, and Ty Dolla Sign. The infectious beat of "BMW" is accompanied by the vocals of emerging singer, Godflow. Onassis had been waiting for the perfect moment to use the BMW concept he created in 2014. He laid the vocals first, which led Womatictracks to contact Justin for the hook and Andres for his guitar to add more emotion to the song. Both artists strongly believe in the song's message and hope it resonates with listeners around the world.

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