· By Tyler Johnson

Li Rye Unleashes Visuals for "Hey Sexyy" in Collaboration with Onassis and AJ What You Cookin

Emerging talent Li Rye, the latest signee of The New 1017, has just dropped the visuals for his electrifying new single "Hey Sexyy," marking a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. The Mobile, AL native continues to captivate the hip-hop scene with his unique blend of charisma and lyrical prowess, a journey that's been nothing short of meteoric since his debut.

Directed by TAEGXN, the video for "Hey Sexyy" is a vibrant showcase of Li Rye's energy and style. Set against the backdrop of a gas station and a studio party scene, the visuals perfectly complement the track's bravado lyrics. Li Rye's performance is both engaging and authentic, capturing the essence of his artistry and the raw emotion behind his words.

"Hey Sexyy" arrives on the heels of Li Rye's visually compelling "Casualty," which has already amassed over 1 million views on YouTube, a testament to his growing popularity and the strong visual identity he's carving out in the industry. This new release continues to build on that momentum, offering fans another glimpse into the world of Li Rye.

The production prowess of Onassis and AJ What You Cookin is evident throughout "Hey Sexyy." Their collaboration with Li Rye has resulted in a track that's not only catchy but also showcases the depth of Li Rye's talent. The duo's ability to craft a sound that complements Li Rye's dynamic flow while pushing the boundaries of hip-hop production is a highlight of this release.

Li Rye's debut album, "Li Rye vs. Li Reezy," introduced listeners to the dual aspects of his persona – the calm and collected Li Rye versus the always turned-up Li Reezy. Featuring 19 tracks, including hits like "All Alone" and "Rookie Of The Year," the album is a deep dive into the artist's psyche and his versatility as a musician. With "Hey Sexyy," Li Rye continues to explore these themes, solidifying his place in the music industry.

Since signing with 1017, Li Rye has been prolific, showcasing a work ethic and musical output that's both impressive and inspiring. His journey from the release of his debut mixtape "Go Li Rye" to now has been marked by significant achievements, including over 35 million US streams and a strong presence on platforms like Spotify and TikTok.

As Li Rye continues to make waves in the hip-hop world, his collaboration with Onassis and AJ What You Cookin on "Hey Sexyy" stands as a powerful testament to his artistry and the innovative spirit of URVision Entertainment. With each release, Li Rye not only cements his status as a rising star but also pushes the genre forward, promising an exciting future for his fans and the music industry at large.

Stay tuned for more updates from Li Rye and URVision Entertainment as they continue to break new ground and deliver the soundtrack to our lives.


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